Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Working for the Poor Unemployed

There are scores of people without sufficient means of livelihood. As a result their social and economic base is very weak, and they do not have resources for their food, clothes, shelter and bringing up of their children. If you want to help women of such families to become entrepreneur, you can donate Rs 15,000 to Vikas Trust to link one such woman to livelihood. Training on preparation of pulses, cattle rearing, agriculture and gardening is provided through this money to strengthen this business. They are also helped in marketing of their product.

Vikas Trust collaborates with the other organisations to provide a helping hand to women in acquiring the material and selling the product in the market and in provides them training. For example Shakti Export Overseas makes and sells pulses made by women only. In this way Vikas Trust is helping in making the women entrepreneur through the works related to agriculture, gardening and cattle rearing and selling the product made with their efforts through Shakti Export Overseas and like organisations.