Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Our Approach

VIKAS TRUST seeks to become leading institutions in Uttar Pradesh in the coming years on Child Rights. By means of Servicep; Rights based Approach it seeks to bring changes in the lives of child labour families. Through intensive field-based practices and capacity building inputs, it seeks to demonstrate possibilities of making a difference in the lives of poor and socially excluded communities groups. We have learnt over the years from the communities groups and other stakeholders, with whom we are working with. We followed approaches and methods that fit the local social and political context. The following is the set of approaches, which guide our work:

  • Knowledge management and innovation
  • Organizing into Communities, women and children based institutions
  • Rights Based Approach
  • Participation, Empowerment and Mobilization
  • Networks and Alliances
  • Critical Engagement and Policy Advocacy

We commit ourselves

  • To enhance the impact of efforts and committed resources, Vikas Trust promotes a focus and emphasis on …
  • Addressing Child Labour and Bonded Labour
  • Promotion of education and community ownership of schools
  • Providing technical education / vocational skill training
  • Addressing health needs and other essential services in favor of poor and socially excluded community groups
  • Empowerment of Women and Gender Development
  • Dalits rights & dignity especially with manual scavenger
  • Partnership with Panchayat, Government and other like-minded Civil Society Organizations