Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Sustainable Livelihood

If you want to develop sustainable livelihood among the poor along with environmental conservation through plantation, a donation of Rs 500 from you to Vikas Trust enables a poor and weak person in getting plant saplings of five fruit bearing trees, which help him in developing sustainable livelihood for him. Afterwards the full property of these trees will be of the beneficiary.

Vikas Trust started this programme for those poor who are landless and those who do not have any source of income and have only a hut or a small house and have some of the empty space to make their house. These families will not be benefitted immediately but after five years they will be getting Rs 5,000-6,000 every year.

In this programme Vikas Trust gives five saplings of fruit bearing trees to the poor, which start giving fruits after five years. Even if 40 per cent of the trees are left after five years and start bearing fruits, a family can earn more than the amount mentioned above, as a single fruit bearing tree gives fruits of about Rs 5,000-6,000. In this way Vikas Trust distributes and monitors the trees provided to them and tries to see whether the beneficiaries are looking after the trees or not. It also sees whether these trees are given water and manure in a proper way or the trees might not have acquired any disease. This comes under the role of Vikas Trust.

The ownership of trees belongs to the person who has brought it up and for the whole life he has the right to get fruits and the earnings from that tree. Mango and jackfruit saplings are being provided, which are as per the persisting environmental conditions of Agra zone.