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Tejpal On Way to Rehabilitation

Tejpal is a 14 years old child. He belongs to lower stratum of the society, that is, Nishad, and lives in Harsukh Ka Pura village. His father Ramdas is illiterate and is into carpet weaving work for the past 30 years. His mother Sughar Shri is a housewife.

Tejpal was supposed to follow his father's occupation and he was engaged in carpet weaving for the last three years. He spent more than 10 hours a day weaving carpet. As a result, his health got affected adversely. He joined educational support centre in July 2011 with lots of persuasion from the instructor while his father never allowed him to join any school earlier.

Soon after Tejpal joined education support centre, his mother joined Radhe-Radhe self help group on in September 2011. She took loan thrice for purchasing buffalo and also for education of the children. His mother is now aware about future of her children and she wants to educate her every child like Tejpal. She is actively participating in all the meetings and programmes of campaign for women and child rights (CWCR). She is also helping her husband financially as she has got two buffalos. On the other hand Tejpal has high dreams to become an engineer.