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Children Being Rehabilitated

Lilawati is a 15 years old girl from Hirapura village and belongs to backward caste. Her father Gajender Singh, a high school pass, pulls rickshaw to earn bread for the family. Her mother Sukh Devi is a house wife.

Lilawati is a differently abled girl affected by polio. She is studying in class VIII at government's Junior High School, Dandaniya. She used to weave carpets before joining the educational support centre for more than two years.

She joined educational support centre in July 2011. Her mother is a member of Puja self help group since December 2011. Her mother took Rs. 3,412 loan from the group for her treatment. Lilawati spends more than two hours in the education support centre. She wants to study more and work for differently abled persons in future.


Sombati is a 14 years old girl who belongs to the backward caste. She lives in Harsukh Ka Pura village. Her father Amar Singh is 10th class pass and is working as a labour for four years. Her mother Patri Devi is a house wife.

Before joining the educational support centre Sombati used to weave carpets for five hours a day. Her health was bad when she joined educational support centre. But now health has improved.

Her mother is a member of SHG Radhe-Radhe since September 2011.