Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Help the Disabled

If you want to donate something to the poorest, weak, disabled people, you can send money as per following table to Vikas Trust through cheque/demand draft/direct transfer. Through this work you can provide the disabled/eye patients the devices they badly need to ease their lives.

Sl. Name of Instrument Donation (Rs)
1. Callipers Pairs 4,400
2. Tricycle 4,000
3. Cruch Pairs 600
4. Wheel Chair 6,000
5. Hearing Aid 4,500
6. Eye Glass 1,000

The above cost is for one child. It depends on the donor as to how many children he intends to donate for. In addition, if you want to help the disabled children in getting education up to 5th standard, it costs Rs 3,000 per year per child. The cost of professional training for 180 hours is about Rs 4,000. If you want to help a child for operation, you can donate Rs 5,000 to Vikas Trust for normal operation.

Vikas Trust works for such disabled persons, who are disabled from hand, leg or eyes. The Trust works to provide education and health to such disabled persons along with distribution of instruments among them. It is working to provide them general as well as professional education. The children who are suffering from polio and if operation can increase their mobility, Vikas Trust gets them operated from the specialist doctors and helps those children who do not have resources for operation.

Children who have yet not started the studies, or those who are drop-outs, are enrolled to the class as per their education level. If the children do not feel benefitted by getting general education and have got education till 8th or 10th standard and want to receive professional education, Vikas Trust provides the same.

As it is running vocational training through its Vikas Ashram recognised by NCVT, and has its own vehicle – Tata Magic, to ferry the disabled children, the donor will be spending only on its fuel. Vikas Trust has a lot of disabled children who are waiting for your help. In this way it is your wish to help them in all the three works or a single work.