Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Awareness on Domestic Violence Law

An drive was launched to create awareness about domestic violence. Men commit atrocities on girls and women by raising their hands on them whereas the opposite is seldom seen. Often these atrocities lead to death of women and girls. Under the drive workshops, rallies, demonstrations, distribution of posters and pamphlets, and fasts were taken up.

A workshop was organised on March 8, 2013, in which hundreds of women participated. The women termed domestic violence as violation of human rights.

Expressing thoughts at the workshop, senior functionary Sarita Dilip Sevarthi condemned violence perpetrated on women. According to her, since women were not self-reliant atrocities were being committed on them and this lack of self-reliance comes from the fact that girls and women did not get opportunities similar to boys and men. Denial of opportunities of development to women and girls renders them backward educationally, economically and politically and this situation is exploited by men to perpetrate violence on them. Often women and girls die in the process. She emphasised on good upbringing of girls and women.

Over 150 women participated in the workshop organised at the Vikas Ashram.