Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Donate Old Household Items

If you want to donate your old household items to poor, you can send them to Vikas Ashram, camp office of Vikas Trust. Since reaching these items to the poor is expensive, you can also contribute to transportation and other charges by donating a sum of Rs 3,000 to Vikas Trust. This amount is sufficient to help the 100 poorest families in getting them clothes to cover their bodies and other necessary things.

This effort of Vikas Trust has been started for the deprived people living in abysmally miserable conditions. Child labourers and their families, who are working in industries like brick kiln, glass industry and carpet industry, and agriculture sector, somehow manage to get food, but other necessities are a dream for them. These necessities include clothes to cover their bodies, slippers and shoes to save themselves in summers and winters, toys for children to play, and books and exercise books for the children to study.

Vikas Trust distributes the old used items given by you to these poor families. In order to avoid these deprived people getting depressed, the organisation makes them feel that only by doing quality hard work they can be successful and without hard work success cannot be achieved.
The new or old items or a help of Rs 3,000 provided by you for clothes and to help the children is utilised for spending on transportation and pocket money to the volunteers who do nothing but this pious work from morning to evening. Vikas Trust does not charge anything from the deprived people for providing these items to them.